Silver Glass Vessels

silver_glass_vessels_groupshotI recently found out that one of my favorite glass artists is no longer creating the beautiful glass vessles that she once made.  So, in remebrance of her work, I tried my own hand at creating them, putting a distinctly Sparkling Waters Studios flare to them and using my new favorites in silver glass: Boreas, Aion and a test batch color LL-491.

Here are some close ups of the vials.  This one is called Faerie Silk and was created with LL-491

 silver_glass_vessels_12 silver_glass_vessels_1silver_glass_vessels_11And some close ups of Seashell Sunrise, made with Aion over Robin Egg Blue

silver_glass_vessels_31 silver_glass_vessels_33 silver_glass_vessels_3And the last, made with Boreas glass: Sea Serpant

silver_glass_vessels_21 silver_glass_vessels_2

I love how these each came out.  These pieces and more can be found in my Etsy shop, ready to ship.






300 Fan Give-A-Way!

We have reached 300 fans on FaceBook, and we are so excited, we are holding a Give-A-Way!  Follow our Facebook page at to enter, or leave a comment below!

Here are the prizes:

One Grand Prize – A Regaliz Leather Bracelet, featuring our signature glass beads.   More of these will be going up in our store, and you will have first pick of which one you want!


1 Runner Up – A pair of our Butterfly Wing Earrings (choose from any of the colors listed in our Etsy Store


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Silver + Glass = WOW

Clio_large_nuggetsLet me start by saying, I love mermaids.  I love my soft Morretti glass, the candy colors and the many sea-creatures and and winged creatures that I have created over my lampworking hours.

Even though I am no where close to mastering lampwork sculpture (and quite frankly, I think there is always somewhere to grow, something new to try)  I developed a creative itch to try something new, and that something came in the form of silver: both Double Helix and Fine Silver Foil.

Pictured: Large Encased Clio nuggets:  Transparent Orange, Clear, Clio – Strike and Reduce, and a final layer of clear.  Notice the iridescent blue veins!!!

I have tried Bella Donna Glass, and had some success.  Double Helix glass, however,  I have never had chance to try.  So, with some extra funds I had stored up, I ordered some:  Clio, Gaia, Aion, Pandora, Boreas, and two of the trial batches they had for sale.  ( I am so in love with one of them, I may just name it myself!)

After several, ahem, “trial batches” here are some of the fabulous results!

Clio_focal2 Clio_focal

Encased Clio Focal: Transparent orange, clear, clio – strike and reduce, clear, with clio dots covered by a clear dot.


clio_key2 clio_key

Skeleton Key:Transparent orange, clear, Clio – Reduced with slight texture, encased with clear.

Boreas_key2 Boreas_keySkeleton Key 2 : Boreas, encased with clear

aion_key aion_key2 Skeleton Key 3: Aion – reduced with a slight strike, over light blue, encased in clear

Silver_glass_earring_pairs_bubblesAion “Bubble Beads” – Transparent Blue, with Ivory surface dots, layered with Aion, Reduced and Encased with Clear Dots, and accented by metalic bumps!


Boreas_nuggetsBoreas Nuggets:  Ivory base, Boreas – Reduced, Clear Encased  (Over the ivory, the Boreas, which usually has purple and blue tones, turned very green and nature.  I love the effect, but the iridescence is hard to capture on film)

I also played with some silver foil, but I will save that for the next post!  Thanks for reading.  🙂  Share some of your beads made with silver glass.

Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust!



Bead and Boutique: Sparkling Waters Studio’s Booth!

beadandboutiquebanner copy

So, it has been a while since my last post, but I have been so so so busy in a beading sort of way!   Febuary was all about the Tuscon shows (post to come soon!) and createing product for my big show at Bead and Boutique this March.

While Bead and Boutique was not the right venue for a finished jewelry artist like me, it was a fabulous show for crafters and beads, put on by some of the nicest people, with some fantatic vendors!  I heard only good things from those who atteneded.

Here are some pictures from my booth:


I had some fantastic family members who came and helped me run the booth, and I was next to Laura from Om Tara, and she sells the most amazing tools that she herself designs!  Please stop by and take a look at what she has to offer, because they are out of this world neat!


Since it was not just a bead show, there were boutique vendors as well, including this lovely chocolate store, who has the most interesting flavors and infuses the chocolate with teas and spices from the Pacific Islands.  My favorite was the Pink Seasalt and Almonds bar, but we also tried this on which had brown rice and tea!  The wrapping and designs on the chocolate make it a piece of art in itself:


And last, but not least, here is a picture of my Regaliz lampwork beads.  I am working on getting some actual samples made up, but here is a sneak peek from the show!


Sorry some of the photos are blurry, I had to use the camera on my phone to take them.  🙂  Until next time.



Adventures in Glass Clay


Here is my first attempt at creating with glass clay.  I picked some up from the amazing Paula Radke last year in Tuscon, AZ but was very intimidated to try it.  But, I got up the courage, and here are my results!

I love creating things with found objects, or something reminicent of the past, so my first two design ideas incorportated just that.  These are made from wax seal stamps, (not vintage one however.  I created my own designs and had the stamps manufactured.  This way there are no copyright issues when I sell the pendants!)


waxsealcolseuplove waxseal32 waxseal31 waxsealcolseupheart


The second technique uses vintage printing press type.  I made small “inspirational pebbles” and used the vintage type to impress words of encouragement and heart into them:


Gracetypesetclose glassclaytypeset inspirationalpebblescloseup

The process was suprisingly easy, and I even had to program my kiln!!! (something I have never done in the 7 years I have been lampworking)  Thanks to my smart and handsome techie boyfriend for his help!!! 🙂


Here is what they looked like before firing:

GlassClayKiln glassclaykilncloseup


After I get back from this years gem-fest, I will be doing more with this awesome new material!!!