Silver Glass Vessels

silver_glass_vessels_groupshotI recently found out that one of my favorite glass artists is no longer creating the beautiful glass vessles that she once made.  So, in remebrance of her work, I tried my own hand at creating them, putting a distinctly Sparkling Waters Studios flare to them and using my new favorites in silver glass: Boreas, Aion and a test batch color LL-491.

Here are some close ups of the vials.  This one is called Faerie Silk and was created with LL-491

 silver_glass_vessels_12 silver_glass_vessels_1silver_glass_vessels_11And some close ups of Seashell Sunrise, made with Aion over Robin Egg Blue

silver_glass_vessels_31 silver_glass_vessels_33 silver_glass_vessels_3And the last, made with Boreas glass: Sea Serpant

silver_glass_vessels_21 silver_glass_vessels_2

I love how these each came out.  These pieces and more can be found in my Etsy shop, ready to ship.






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