Silver + Glass = WOW

Clio_large_nuggetsLet me start by saying, I love mermaids.  I love my soft Morretti glass, the candy colors and the many sea-creatures and and winged creatures that I have created over my lampworking hours.

Even though I am no where close to mastering lampwork sculpture (and quite frankly, I think there is always somewhere to grow, something new to try)  I developed a creative itch to try something new, and that something came in the form of silver: both Double Helix and Fine Silver Foil.

Pictured: Large Encased Clio nuggets:  Transparent Orange, Clear, Clio – Strike and Reduce, and a final layer of clear.  Notice the iridescent blue veins!!!

I have tried Bella Donna Glass, and had some success.  Double Helix glass, however,  I have never had chance to try.  So, with some extra funds I had stored up, I ordered some:  Clio, Gaia, Aion, Pandora, Boreas, and two of the trial batches they had for sale.  ( I am so in love with one of them, I may just name it myself!)

After several, ahem, “trial batches” here are some of the fabulous results!

Clio_focal2 Clio_focal

Encased Clio Focal: Transparent orange, clear, clio – strike and reduce, clear, with clio dots covered by a clear dot.


clio_key2 clio_key

Skeleton Key:Transparent orange, clear, Clio – Reduced with slight texture, encased with clear.

Boreas_key2 Boreas_keySkeleton Key 2 : Boreas, encased with clear

aion_key aion_key2 Skeleton Key 3: Aion – reduced with a slight strike, over light blue, encased in clear

Silver_glass_earring_pairs_bubblesAion “Bubble Beads” – Transparent Blue, with Ivory surface dots, layered with Aion, Reduced and Encased with Clear Dots, and accented by metalic bumps!


Boreas_nuggetsBoreas Nuggets:  Ivory base, Boreas – Reduced, Clear Encased  (Over the ivory, the Boreas, which usually has purple and blue tones, turned very green and nature.  I love the effect, but the iridescence is hard to capture on film)

I also played with some silver foil, but I will save that for the next post!  Thanks for reading.  🙂  Share some of your beads made with silver glass.

Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust!




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