Featured Artisan – Centsations


Here is our next featured seller.  Her beautiful metal work and a moving story combine to create a truly one of a kind pieces.  Here is a bit of her story and a few of her awesome pieces, picked for Valentine’s Day!

After surviving over half my life in abusive relationships I met Wayne who immediately caught my full attention. He gave me a promise ring created from a nickel coin to show how serious he felt about me. I left all the hurt and anger in Texas and moved to Louisiana to be with him. He opened his home, his heart and his tools to me. Showed me how to make the nickel ring cause I was so curious to know. He had stacks of copper wire from all his years of electrical work. After seeing some of the wire jewelry online I tried my hand at it. Loved it! Started my own company called Centsations ~ creating copper and coin jewelry from recycled materials. Over the past year and half it has grown and surprised even me. I have shipped jewelry all over the US and it even now resides in New Zealand. I was an Artist In Action at the local Art with a View in Monroe last year and will be featured in the Bead Trends Magazine April 2013 issue!

I have been overjoyed and amazed at the response to my jewelry. I love making it, it’s not just a hobby anymore, its not a job. It’s a passion. I see potential jewelry in everything I see, movies, nature, art. I am dipping my toes into metalwork more and more and this Feb 7 will showcase my first metal wall art piece. It is in the beginning stages right now but I am excited to see it completed!

Before Centsations I was a mother with 3 beautiful children with no way to support myself. Wayne ~my soulmate~ says that all someone needed to do was love me, give me some tools, and leave me alone to find my way. And that seems to be exactly what I have done. Two years ago I had never created jewelry or hammered metal in my life. Now…the options are endless…My black smith forge is in the works for this year and There is no telling where I will be by the end of 2013.

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Please check out her Etsy store here :


Or click on one of her marvelous creations to see more details!


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