Valentine’s Day Gift Guide – Men’s Edition


Too many times I have heard the excuse that Valentine’s Day is only for the girls, that it’s the guy’s job to shower his girl.  Well, I say that’s totally unfair!  But guy’s can be hard to shop for, so to soothe your worries about finding your guy the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, we have collected some of our favorites from Etsy!  An eclectic list of cards, cookies, and gifts to delight your stud muffin.

MenProductStudMuffinTshirt        MenProductStudMuffinCard        MenProductStudMuffinApron

  (Stud Muffin T-Shirt – foultshirts; Stud Muffin Card – RowHouse14; Stud Muffin Apron – Yellow Bug Boutique)

Or for a guy who is out of this world!!!

MenProdutDRWho  MenProductYoda  MenProductCufflink

(Dr Who Card – aCuriousCat; Yoda”Man Card – DingbatPress; Star Trooper Cufflinks – Absolute Zero)

Here are some other fabulous gift ideas for your guy!

MenProductCookies  MenProductBowTie  MenProductBacon

(Manly Cookies – Whipped Bakershop; Custom Ties – Paige Grayson; Bacon Card – Oh Geez Designs)

MenProductLeatherBracelet    MenProductHusbandCard     MenProductSupernatural

(Bible Verse Leather Bracelet – Gunmetal Gems; Vintage Men’s Card – Stories Divination; SuperNatural Key Chain – One Eyed Fox)

So no excuses, ladies!  This is the Valentine’s to shower your man with something special!

 DEAL ALERT!!!:  StoriesDivinations (makers of the fabulous Vintage Men’s Card above) is offereing 30% off your entre purchase (today only – it edsat 11:5 pm Michigan time.)   Just use couponcode ITSFREEZING…


You can see all of thier fabuouls work here:

Until next time~




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