Vintaj Patinas

I use Vintaj quite a bit, but I hadn’t had a chance to experiment with the embossing or the patinas. I finally got the chance to work with both this past month.

I ordered the whole range of patinas, because when it comes to color, I like being able to work with a very broad range.

However, since I splurged on the patinas, I needed to cut back on the embossing folders I wanted and I just ordered one that I thought would be very versitle.

This turned out to be a very good plan!!! I will be posting later on the proper way to emboss, and a further tutorial on the patinaing, but I just wanted to give you a overview of how the process went and how I felt when I was finished.

I started out by embossing all of the blanks at once. I chose different parts of the folder so that all of the pieces came out a little different.

Then I started applying the patinas with a paint brush.  The colors dried fairly quickly, so I had to work fast when blending.

It got messy very quickly!!!

Once they were dry, I sanded down the raised parts to expose the brass underneath.  Here is a before and after shot.

The most tedious part was the sanding.  I started out using the Vintaj block but quickly realized that for a large group wet/dry sandpaper was much more efficient.

  Well, there you have it!  I’ll post more on specific techniques in future posts, so keep comming back!

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